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Occasionally I get involved in planning, shooting & editing video productions. I try not to do this too often, because I find it takes too much time away from my other interests.

In the summer of 2004 I shot about two hours of the Jam on First Street. I had some problems editing this, because there were difficulties getting the file onto my computer, and I wore the tape out with too many retries on the same part of the tape. Once I overcame that, there was a severe tape dropout on the second reel, which put the audio out of sync with the video. I think this is correctable but it will likely require a lot of work. A few weeks after shooting this, Tony, one of our musicians, passed away. I was able to edit most of his part of the jam, and created a tribute video which was shown at his memorial service at The Cumbrian Arms (a Brit-style pub which is a main meeting place for many of the Cochrane musicians). This video was much appreciated by Tony's family.

Another venture was to shoot my friend Graham, in his "Riggah Mortise" persona, playing and singing several songs that he has written. This was shot at "Hoarse Creak Studios", which is not ideal - being the basement of his home just off Horse Creek Road. We plan to do another shoot soon, improving on the first and including some of his more recent songs.

The next video project is a promo for "Relationship Riding", intended to show and briefly explain my friend Barbra-Ann Lachance's way of teaching people about interacting with their horses. We have done some shooting for this, primarily so that I could see what is happening and learn enough to plan a storyboard for a more more focussed production. It won't really get into gear until the spring of 2006. We'll need to get decent sound while Barbra-Ann is riding around the arena, so I've acquired a wireless mic system for use in this project.