Natural West Photoramas logo

Natural West Photoramas is the name I use when engaged in my photographic exploits.

I live in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, which has "Home of the Natural West" on the town crest. I borrowed "Natural West" from there. Panoramas are a big interest of mine, so I bolted some word parts together to make "Photoramas".

I've been interested and involved in photography since about the age of twelve. Initially with my dad's mahogany & brass quarter-plate (4 x 5 inch) camera, complete with a wooden tripod and the black cloth over my head. About the year 2000 I reckoned that affordable digital cameras were good enough to consider switching from film. My digital stable has consisted of a Canon Powershot Pro 70, Digital Elf 300, S3-IS, EOS D30, EOS 10D, and currently an EOS 5D.

Some of my recent images are on my Smugmug website.